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The Calling: Earth podcast is a production of the University of South Florida Libraries 

in cooperation with the USF School of Geosciences. 

Feb 19, 2021


In this episode of Calling: Earth, we talk with Shawn Landry, Research Associate Professor in the USF School of Geosciences and Director of the USF Water Institute, about his research on urban forests and how the location of trees can be studied to understand more about environmental equity.  


More about Shawn can be found here:

Selected Works

Google Scholar

USF SGS Faculty Webpage


Links to projects mentioned in the podcast:

USF Water Institute

Tree-mendous Tampa Free Tree Program

CDC Places: Local Data for Better Health

Statewide Ecosystem Assessment of Coastal and Aquatic Resources (SEACAR)


Calling: Earth is a production of the USF Libraries in cooperation with the USF School of Geosciences.

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